OHS Lunch Menu

Lunch Prices

Students - $2.75 per meal
Adult Lunch - $3.50

Breakfast is served daily at the high school from 7:15-7:30 a.m.
Student Price is $1.25/ Adult cost is $1.50

Breakfast and lunch are free or reduced cost with an approved free or reduced cost application ($.40 for lunch/$.30 for breakfast.).

Pizza is available daily.

Menu - LUNCH MENU (See attached pdf below)

Numbers are Carb Count in grams
   Chocolate Milk-24 g, Strawberry Milk-27 g, White Milk-13 g.

    Sample Menu - Salad Bar-8g; Grilled Cheese-25g; Tomato Soup-19g; Barbecue Pork-33g; Chef Salad-3g; Romaine/Lettuce-1.5g; Peas-10.5g; Tropical Fruit-21g & Milk & Bread