OES Lunch Menu

Food supply chain challenges are nationwide and our district is experiencing unavailable items and/or we will have last minute replacements. Menus are subject to change, but we will do our best to notify students of any changes.


“This institution is an equal opportunity provider”


Monday March 4 Tuesday March 5

Wednesday March 6

Thursday March 7

Friday March 8

A One-Pot Cheeseburger Soup w/ Roll-56
B Sleeping Bag Dog-21 (Crescent Dog)
C Uncrustable-32
Corn Cob-12
Grizzly Grahams-16

A Cowboy Beans w/ Cornbread-42
B “Hiking” Tacos-42 (Walking)
C Taco Salad-23
Roasted Sweet Potatoes-17
Ice Pack Peaches-19
Rainbow Trout Crackers-14



A Fireside Hamburger-24
B Pie Iron Toasted Cheese-26
C Chef Salad- 7
Smore Granola Bar-24



A Sausage/Potato Foil Pack-14 (Smoked Sausage and Roasted Potatoes)
B Campfire Pizza Pies-26
C Camper Smore Parfait-59  (Vanilla yogurt, mini chocolate chips, marshmallows and lil’ grahams)
Green Beans-3
Forrest Berries-22
Gummy Fishing Bait-42

A Backpack Ham & Cheese Sandwich-25
B Flippin’ Fish Sticks-22
C Uncrustable-32
Snow Peas w/dip- 5
Wild Grape Juice-19
Wood “Chips”-15


Breakfast - $1.25 per day; $6.25 per week

Lunch - $2.75 per day; $13.75 per week


Breakfast - $.30 per day; $1.50 per week

Lunch - $.40 per day; $2.00 per week


Milk - .50

Adult Lunch - $4.00 each day

Breakfast is served every school day at OES from  8:35 am to 8:50 am