The staff at Orrville Elementary School is dedicated to providing the students with a caring and nurturing environment that promotes character education and the highest quality academic instruction. Teachers utilize research based practices to ensure all students have the best possible learning opportunities. The character words of the month are the foundation upon which Orrville Elementary builds expectations and hopes to mold positive student behaviors.
We believe the parent-school partnership is critical to the success of our students. In order for students to achieve their fullest potential, the home and school must work collaboratively to create a secure and positive environment. Establishing and nurturing the home school relationship begins anew each year with every new grade a student enters. In order to promote the partnership, we believe open communication is necessary. We welcome your calls, emails and questions. We encourage you to become involved in school events, and activities and with the school PTO. As the only elementary school in the district we have the distinct honor of being the first impression of school for our students. We take that responsibility seriously. It is our goal to provide the best education for every student. Their first experience should be the best.

Our website is designed to provide parents with a source of information that will help keep you informed about the events and activities that happen at Orrville Elementary.

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Ashley Millsaps, Principal              
Katie Swejk, Assistant Principal