Elementary School

Character Word of the Month

SELF-CONTROL: Control of oneself, or of one's emotions, feelings, actions

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Mrs. Holmes's Heartland Pre-School classes celebrated Teddy Bear Day on January 26th.  See the fun photos in the Teddy Bear Day Gallery.   Read More >
First Graders in Mrs. Daugherty's and Ms. Deibel's classes spent the 100th Day completing stations.  Their tasks included stacking 100 cups, putting 100 Hershey's kisses in order, and putting together 100 puzzles.  They even completed reading 100...Read More >

Event Calendar

Monday, February 13th

  1. Interim Report Week
  2. OES Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tuesday, February 14th

  1. OES/PTO Valentine's Day Parties
  2. OES Parent/Teacher Conferences