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Character Word of the Month

Honesty: The quality of being fair and truthful; integrity

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First Graders in Ms. Deibel's, Mrs. Maag's, and Mrs. Daugherty's classes spent time in science learning about the Scientific Process.  They made observations using their senses.  They worked with a blindfolded partner to re-create block patterns. ...Read More >
On the first day of pre-school the children read the story "Chika Chika Boom Boom" to talk about the first letters of our names. Students have also explored feelings by using play doh and googly eyes to create different expressions in sensory bin....Read More >

Event Calendar

Tuesday, October 10th

  1. Parent-Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, October 11th

  1. Fall Picture Day

Thursday, October 12th

  1. Parent-Teacher Conferences